Episode II: Sleeping Beauty & The Ewe’s Duty

Image by Simon Rowe

Audio Story available now.

Narrated by Colin Salmon and featuring an all star cast from both stage and screen

Amber Aga as Queen Doris, Annalene Beechey as the Fairy Queen, Rachel Bingham as Fairy Rhiannon, Charlotte Wythe as young Fairy Rhiannon, Keiron Crook as Wizzy the Pig, Hadlee Snow as young Wizzy the Pig, Shirley Darroch as Urbella the Spider, Katie Finch as Suzy Jo, Lily Stanley as young Suzy Jo, Alison Fitzjohn as Fairy Bronwen, Adam Hoskins as Fairy Dafydd, Kate Hume as Little Red, Renée Lamb as Aurora, Johanne Murdock as Big Red, Rebekah Murrell as Princess Jade, Bailey Brooks as young Princess Jade, Lucy Pickering as Fairy Anwen, Laura Porter as Fairy Myfanwy, Jack Shalloo as Fairy Pip, Cooper Snow as Roland Rollover, Alicia Grace Turrell as Oldielocks, Tristan Ward as Doug the Wasp with Llio Millward as Shadwell Super Sheep and Daniel Boys as Gravalada

Book & Lyrics by Lesley Ross      Music by James Williams


Brighton Fringe Festival Cast

Back Row:  Lucy Pickering, Issy Pardoe

Middle Row: Emily Ballantyne, Tracy Forsythe, Leo Rowell, Duncan Drury

Front Row: Greg Ashton, Olivia Roebuck, Cooper Snow, Katie Finch

When the evil fairy Gravalada places his spell on the Princess Jade, her three best friends (a brave fairy, a reluctant sheep and a bonkers pig) must join forces with Big Red, Shadwell Sheep and Aurora the Time Traveller to save the day.  Time travel, show-stopping songs, and a host of crazy characters make Sleeping Beauty & the Ewe’s Duty a glorious show for all the family.

Super Sheep to the rescue!