Episode VI: Snow White & The 7th Sheep

Image by Simon Rowe

Book & Lyrics by Lesley Ross    Music by James Williams

1999 Snow White & The Seventh Sheep 9g

Trish Murphy as Victoria Red   St.Fagans Open Air 1999

Snow White: Zoe Curlett    Rose Red: Laura Jane Cook    Prince Leopold: Keiron Crook

After Prince Leopold defeats the Invisible Dragon, he decides his next quest is to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. But he seems unable to find her. Aided by her plucky sister Rose Red, the two head off on a perilous journey, unaware that Snow White has fled her evil stepmother’s Would Be Wolves (a Doberman and a Spaniel) and sought  refuge with a shepherd and his flock. A Sliver of Glass, a walking banana and the unique band of animals that are the Super Sheep make this musical for the whole family unmissable!

2004 Snow White and The Seventh Sheep 2

Bridgend College Production                                      Prince Leopold, Rose Red, Daniel the Shepherd, Snow White